September 2018 DACA Update

The future of DACA is up in the air.  Right now, USCIS is only accepting DACA renewal applications. There are multiple court cases that could determine if DACA will be able to continue.  With the uncertainty around DACA, we recommend filing for your renewal as soon as possible.  You no longer have to wait until 5 months before your expiration to file.  You can renew your DACA at anytime.  Contact us today about renewing your DACA.  

Rights of DREAMers

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump has announced that he intends to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  As such, please read the following information on what to know about the rights of DREAMers.

  1.  Employment Authorization Documents - also known as work permits, are generally valid until they expire or the government demands they be returned.
    •You are allowed to keep your work permit, and have the right to work legally until your work permit’s expiration date.
    •You have no obligation to inform your employer if your DACA expires. Your employer does not have the right to ask you whether you are a DACA recipient or how you got your work permit. Your employer does not have the right to fire you, put you on leave, or change your work status until after your work permit has expired.
    • For more information about your rights as an employee see this advisory by the National Immigration Law Center: 
  2. Social Security Numbers (SSNs) - Your SSN is a valid number for life, even once your work permit and DACA approval expires.
    • You should continue to use the SSN you got under DACA even after your work permit expires. You can use your SSN for education, banking, housing and other purposes.
  3. Driver’s Licenses - If you have not already done so, apply for a driver’s license if your DACA is still valid.
  4. Travel on Advance Parole - USCIS no longer accepts advance parole for DACA recipients.
  5. Other Immigration Options - Many DACA recipients may be eligible for other immigration options to get a work permit or even a green card.
    • Give us a call at 205-323-8727 to see if you have other immigration options available to you. Contact us. 
  6. Criminal Issues - Any criminal arrest, charge, or conviction can put you at risk with immigration authorities.
    • Follow the law and remember that their are consequences to criminal charges, even if you paid the associated fine.  If you end up being arrested, make sure to consult a criminal defense attorney.
    • If you have a criminal conviction, speak to an immigration attorney about how it may affect your immigration status.
  7.  Know Your Rights - Everyone – both documented and undocumented persons have rights in this country.  Learn more about your rights here - Know Your Rights

Information provided by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

January 2018 DACA Update

In response to a court order from a US District Court in California, USCIS has announced that they are currently accepting DACA renewal applications nationwide.

1. What happened? A district court judge issued a ruling which orders USCIS to resume accepting DACA renewal applications.

2. What should I do now? If your DACA has expired or will expire within the next 5 months, consider renewing your DACA as  soon as possible. On January 13 2018, USCIS issued DACA renewal guidelines and has officially resumed accepting renewal applications. Contact us for details at 205-323-8727.

3. What about initial DACA applications and advance parole? This order does not require USCIS to accept initial DACA applications or advance parole based on DACA.

4. What’s next? The Department of Justice has stated that this ruling will be appealed. So, a higher court could overrule this decision.

5. What about the DREAM Act? Contact your local representatives and tell them to support a DREAM Act which provides a permanent solution and a path to citizenship for DREAMers.


USCIS released the information on the DACA Renewal Process.  It is important not to let your DACA lapse or you could be without employment authorization and could be at greater risk of removal.

Additionally, the USCIS filing fee is ($495).  

Please contact us or call or email to discuss your eligibility for DACA renewal. We recommend preparing ahead of time so that your application can be submitted as soon as possible.  

Alabama offers Driver Licenses to DACA recipients. Here's the info on how you can apply for a drivers license.

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There are several requirements for Deferred Action recipients to obtain a Social Security Card.

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