377879By Jeremy B. Love, Immigration Attorney

There is a great myth that has been allowed to confuse and mislead many people with whom I have come in contact. I feel as an immigration attorney that it is my duty to address this issue to help others not become victims of such practices.

During the course of many immigration consultations, individuals have asked me about the 10-year visa. Often they've heard it from a friend, who is undocumented, has been in the US more than 10 years and after filing recently, they received a work permit and are presumably on their way to become permanent residents.

4579358By Jeremy Love, Immigration Attorney

Recently, Republicans in Congress released ideas for Immigration Reform.  While not an actual proposal, the announcement outlined certain elements for Immigration Reform.

Those elements include a path for the 11 million undocumented immigrants to obtain some form of legal status and employment authorization, border security and a revamped guest worker program.

9941350By Jeremy Love, Immigration Attorney
The Love Law Firm, LLC

Now is the time of year when people share their Holiday wish lists, so I thought it would be appropriate to write my wish list for Immigration Reform in 2014.

I’ve kept it rather simple and listed six items that I think are most important for immigration reform that would keep families together and allow undocumented immigrants to obtain employment authorization and make an even bigger difference in their communities.

1. Legal Permanent Residence for DREAMers… and soon after that citizenship.  The Senate immigration bill had it right.  Most DREAMers who came to the US as minors did so because they were brought here not because they crossed the border on their own.  Many of my Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) clients do not even remember the country they were born in.

3003229By Jeremy Love, Immigration Attorney
The Love Law Firm, LLC

The first concrete step towards Immigration Reform has arrived.  The “Gang of 8,” a bipartisan group of eight senators, have officially released the Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill titled, “Outline of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.”

5358767John Boehner begins to sketch immigration plan
By: Seung Min Kim and Jake Sherman
June 9, 2013

Speaker John Boehner has been stunningly silent about his plans to move immigration reform through the House.

But privately, the Ohio Republican is beginning to sketch out a road map to try to pass some version of an overhaul in his chamber — a welcome sign for proponents of immigration reform.

If his goal is met, it’ll be a busy few weeks.