5695109By Jeremy B. Love, Immigration Attorney
August 15, 2014

President Obama announced that he plans to act on immigration by the end of summer if Congress still refuses to do so.  Obama has met with his advisors who have no doubt informed him of a multitude of options he could choose.

While the president could not enact a sweeping comprehensive immigration reform without Congress, there are several options that could help millions of undocumented immigrants in obtaining lawful status in the US.

3329445By Jeremy B. Love, Immigration Attorney
July 18, 2014

The rising number of children being detained at the Southern border has garnered national attention and left many people wondering what to do about the issue.

There are a number of reasons that so many unaccompanied children, primarily from Central America, have been attempting to come to the US including poverty in their home countries, threats by gangs, and lack of police protection.

3701471By Jeremy B. Love, Immigration Attorney
June 20, 2014

While watching the group matches during this year’s World Cup, it’s easy to notice the number of players who had the option to play for different national teams.

The decisions of some of the best players in the World clearly affected the teams they chose and, of course, the teams they didn’t. At the same time, the composition of the teams reflects the immigration policies of each country.